Tuesday, October 30, 2007


A 20 question test (presumably made up by a 20 year old) has confirmed it for me. Apparently, I'm a big, fat whore:

Your Result:

Raunchy Sexy You are full on sexy! If you were a dinosaur, you'd be a sexasaurus. Men can find it hard to compete with your one-track raunchiness. Just remember, you don't need to be a rip-roaring sex goddess 24/7 to be a turn-on. Sometimes, there's nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable just being herself.

Take the How Sexy Are You? - The Sexy Quiz at QuizRocket.com!

Probably important to note that I watch several television shows a week. It's 12:37 pm and I'm still in my pajama bottoms, a tee, and my slippers with my hair pulled up in a ponytail and my black dorky glasses on. Yep. I think this is ENTIRELY ACCURATE.

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(Please ignore the fact that I was a total dope and left the date stamp on with the date completely wrong, obviously.)

I love Halloween, and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE wearing costumes. I'm like a little kid when it comes to holidays: I get super excited and count the seconds in anticipation. This past Saturday was my first big party at the house, and it was good times.

Those of you who know me, know I'm a total Evite nazi. I will HOUND YOU until you answer, bitches! I gots to plan and all. Buy enough for everyone, etc. And about 10-15 people who said they were coming didn't show up, so I had TONS of stuff left over. But no matter, because the 25ish people who were there were a hella lot of fun with some pretty awesome costumes.

Of course, being the geeks that we are, we also had karaoke. And just about everyone got up to sing - including my friend of 30 years, Kendra. I never thought I would see the day, but dangit, she worked it:

That video makes me happy. Especially since I can use it to embarass her. Like I'm doing right now. lol

But on a serious note, I am one lucky gal. I mean, I work out of my home, I'm single, I'm alone a lot...but I can always count on my many friends to come and hang out with me and have a good time. These folks never let me down and we ALWAYS have fun. I'm very, very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. Y'all know who you are, and I love ya.


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Monday, October 29, 2007


I got this email from my pal today:

Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple. Please tell ten friends to tell ten today!

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on the purple box "fund food for animals" for free. This doesn't cost you a thing.

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know: www.theanimalrescuesite.com.


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Friday, October 26, 2007


Yeah, ok. 20 minus 4.6 does NOT equal 13.4! This is why I should NEVER, EVER do math without a calculator. It's 15.4, ding-dong.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Holy crap. I lost 4.6 lbs this week. Unbelievable considering the below mentioned Halloween candy debacle! But you know if I don't haul ass this week, it'll come back to get me next week.

Plus, that means only 13.4 more to make good on my pre-op loss. Nice. And by the way, I'm getting more and more freaked out about it.

But I'll focus on the 4.6 lb loss. And hiding the Halloween candy.

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Last night I joined Cynthia, Brian, and some of Brian's co-workers at the pub down the street from me for "Trivia Night." I had never been to one before, but being the major geek that I am, I was super-excited about it. I used to be the Queen of useless knowledge, and I haven't tapped into that in a while, so I was curious to see how much trivia was still stuck in my head.

We dubbed ourselves "Trick or Trivia," which we all thought was cute but in hindsight: lame. Anyhow, we pulled through on some questions. I got "What novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about Hester Prynne?" (Scarlett Letter) And I also got "What 1991 Barbara Streisand movie was produced by her and also starred her?" (Prince of Tides). So I still had a little in there. Yay brain!

Brian's coworker Chris go this one: "What whale based in Antartica is the same name as the Russian word for white?" BALUGA. We were duly impressed by his correct answer and kept shouting that all evening. It was a good, geeky time.

In other news: I have broken into the Halloween candy and confirmed that I have ZERO will power. I bought a few bags about a week ago thinking that I should get the good stuff now before it runs out. Yeah, get the good stuff, Fatty McFatress! Get the good stuff so you can EAT HALF THE BAG BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!!!

Dr. Hess cannot carve me up like a turkey soon enough.

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Friday, October 19, 2007


A few days ago, it was Bob's birthday. It took everything I had to not send him a card or call him. It KILLED me to not acknowledge it. I can't. The last interaction we had was absolutely humiliating, and I just cannot give him the very little piece of my pride that's left.

And I want to know what the HELL is wrong with me?? WHY do I still miss him and love him (or love the good parts of him)? WHY can I not get over this? Don't worry, people, I'm not going there again. It will just be the same ridiculous cycle of me hoping for the best and getting the worst. And despite my past history, I do have some pride.

So much time wasted fighting and debating the age difference. Ridiculous. All that time is gone now. And well, everything's gone now.

I just want to know what the hell is wrong with me that I can't get past this and why I still think about him every day? It hurts and it sucks.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The gay boyfriends found this one, and I will love them forever for finding it. Look at how fucking fabulous she is!!! Uh, HELLO...she's just a few months shy of being 70! SEVENTY YEARS OLD! JeSUS, I don't look that good at 35.

She's totally camp and loving it. I want to be Dame Shirley Bassey. I admit it.


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Monday, October 15, 2007


Ok, I hated the Phantom of the Opera movie and found Emmy Rossum to be incredibly annoying. For some reason when I see her in magazines and gossip blogs (because I'm always devoting my extra-curricular reading time to world issues and important blogs like Go Fug Yourself), she makes my skin crawl a little. It's completely irrational, I know. And that's why it pains me to show you this:

First of all, I would kill for that hair...and she looks incredibly gorgeous in this. But of course, they remind you of how pretty she is by making the whole video just close-up shots of her. And I'm right back at being annoyed.

Anyhow, I LOVE this song. And yes, the comments are right - this is totally an Imogen Heap rip-off. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she wrote it. But man, I love it. And it pains me to say that because memories of her warbling in Phantom of the Opera keep popping up in my head, but I do. It's purdy and etheral and of course, all a cappella.

Which of course means that every bad a cappella group in the world will be covering it. And then I can go back to being annoyed by her. And bad a cappella.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today, I found out that our review of Cocktail Napkin came out on RARB. Overall, I think it's a pretty kick-ass review! You can read it here:


What I also found out is that TWO of the songs I wrote with VFP are nominated for awards! NICE!! I had no clue, but it was a really nice surprise. They're up for CARA awards, which are the big a cappella recording awards. Here's where we were nominated:

Contemporary Pop/Rock Original:

*Cement – Cluster from Cement
*Do You Trust Me – Vote for Pedro from Cocktail Napkin
*I Shall Be Free – Kid Beyond from Amplivate
*Way Past Down – Hookslide from Bump It Up
*Whispers – Transit from Transit
*You Need to Know – M-Pact from M-Pact

Contemporary Pop/Rock Cover

*Can’t Stop Thinkin’ Bout You – Firedrill! from Rock Paper Scissors
*Home – Transit from Transit
*Knowing Me, Knowing You – baSix from Star People EP
*Summertime – The House Jacks from Get Down Mr. President!!
*Summertime – Vote for Pedro from Cocktail Napkin

(obviously I didn't write this one, but I wish I had!)

Humor Song

*The Hurricane Song – Hotshots from Another Bad Idea
*Tall Dark and Handsome – Vote for Pedro from Cocktail Napkin
*I Got Mail – The Richter Scales from We Hate A Cappella
*Ebay – U of New Hampshire Not Too Sharp from Not Too Sharp

Now that ain't a bad way to spend a Wednesday! Reading some nice reviews, and finding out your stuff is liked. Makes me all warm and happy!

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Saturday, October 06, 2007



From the website: Most people don’t think about singing when they think about revolutions. But song was the weapon of choice when, between 1986 and 1991, Estonians sought to free themselves from decades of Soviet occupation. During those years, hundreds of thousands gathered in public to sing forbidden patriotic songs and to rally for independence.

“The young people, without any political party, and without any politicians, just came together ... not only tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands ... to gather and to sing and to give this nation a new spirit,” remarks Mart Laar, a Singing Revolution leader featured in the film and the first post-Soviet Prime Minister of Estonia. “This was the idea of the Singing Revolution.”

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Friday, October 05, 2007


I've been going back and forth about whether or not to talk publicly about this, but I've decided it's easier (and better) to talk about it, get it out there, and not have to avoid any questions.

Six months ago, my doctor had a conversation with me asking how Weight Watchers was going. I told her I was frustrated because no matter how hard I tried, I always ended up falling off the wagon and kept going back and forth with the same ten pounds. She looked at me and said, "Taunia, I think it might be time for you to consider weight loss surgery."

WOW. My immediate reaction was quite strong. HELL NO. I had been an (uninformed) opponent of the surgery and quite vocal about my opposition, so I very strongly resisted. The problem is, I simply cannot do this myself.

I take after my dad's side of the family. Everyone is built exactly like me: big on top, small legs, big boobs. And everyone on my dad's side of the family also dies of a heart attack in their 50's. If they're lucky enough to escape the long line of heart disease, they get diabetes. My grandparents were diabetic, and now my dad has diabetes. I'm staring a ticking timebomb in the face.

At 25, my weight didn't really affect my health or energy. At 35, I feel it every day. I'm always tired. I wake up and every part of my body hurts for a good 5 minutes in the morning. I can't cross my legs. I *want* to exercize and be active, but my body limits me. I have Polycystic Ovary Disease because of my weight. I now have GAUT because of my weight. This is a problem that I cannot ignore anymore, and as much as I hate to admit it, I need this surgery. And when your doctor is suggesting it to you - it's a big wake-up call that you are someone who needs to think about it.

It's embarassing to admit that you're out of control and need help. I used to say this surgery was a "quick fix" for people, but always left the caveat that there were some people who needed the surgery because they had a quality of life issue. I just didn't realize I was one of them.

So after lots, and lots, and lots of reading, research and talking with people who have had the surgery, I've decided to it. I feel like it's the most responsible thing I can do for my life and my body. I've tried for 35 years to do it myself. I've been fat my entire life. 10 years ago, this choice would have been for vanity reasons. Now, it's so that I can avoid heart disease and diabetes and take back my life.

I'm embarassed that I used to be so vocally opposing when I was just so uninformed, and I sometimes feel like a hypocrite for making this decision. But honestly, it's the most responsible decision I can make. And 99% of the people I've told have been 100% supportive of my decision. And for the other 1%, they may not agree with the decision, but they support me because they love me.

I found an amazing website called obesityhelp.com which has TONS of information, before and after photos, doctor and hospital reviews, and also profiles of patients. I've created a profile, and there's a blog area on there. If you're interested in reading about my progress through all the appointements, etc, or just generally how I'm feeling about things, that's the place to go:

I probably won't post much here about it until I actually go in for surgery (looks like January-ish), but I'll leave a link over on the left so you can pop in and check my OH profile blog.

Everything is in the very early beginning stages. I still need to be approved and accepted by the surgeon, and I need to be approved by my health insurance (which looks very likely).

So there it is. I'm public about it. And terrified. And excited. About LIVING.

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