Sunday, March 30, 2008



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Monday, March 24, 2008

SURGERY TOMORROW! (a lot can change in a week)

Of course, right after I wrote last week's journal entry - everything changed.

I got a call on Tuesday stating that they had some surgery cancellations, and would I like to be scheduled for surgery on 3/25/08? I said yes. And that's tomorrow.


I went in on Thursday for my pre-op meeting and testing and I spent 5 HOURS at the hospital (a lot of it was waiting around) and then another 2 hours driving in. UGH. Then, that evening, I got a telephone call saying that they might have to postpone my surgery because my white blood cell count was high. Meaning that I had infection - somewhere.

Friday, I get the call to come back into the hospital for MORE testing, MORE bloodwork, and to pee in a cup. Turns out that I had a urinary tract infection - although I had NO IDEA because I had no real symptoms. Crazy. So they put my on antibiotics. I also had a bad case of gout, and since they couldn't give me anti-anflammatories, they put me on VICODIN. Ooooh yeah. Good stuff. I've been sleeping for about 3 days straight now.

So the surgery is back on - no problems. I have to show up at the hospital tomorrow at 9:30 am, and my surgery is sometime around noonish, I think. I'll be in the hospital until Friday, if everything goes as planned.

I'm feeling relatively calm, which is kind of amazing. I mean, there's a little nerves, but more than anything, I'm just excited to finally do this. I mean, my entire life is changing tomorrow. Crazy.

Anyhow, if you pray or are into putting good thoughts out there, I'd really appreciate it. :)

See you on the healthy side!

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Monday, March 17, 2008


My friend A keeps reminding me that everything happens the way it's supposed to, and things always work out for the best.

Right after my post last Friday, I got a phone call from the hospital. I had been waiting in anticipation to hear about my insurance. They're pretty infamous for delaying and outright denying surgery requests, but somehow all the stars aligned and they approved me - no questions asked. Hallelujah! Tony, the nurse coordinator who I just love, love, love, scheduled me for surgery for Wednesday, April 2nd. That gives me about two weeks to get myself prepared mentally and physically.

Part of me wishes it was RIGHT NOW so I don't have to think about it. As positive as I am about this surgery and the outcome it's going to have on my health, I can't help but have negative thoughts trouncing through there as well: "Am I going to die?" "Am I going to get a blood clot?" "Am I going to get a stricture?" "Am I going to be vomiting for the rest of my life?" All of those things are possible, but unlikely. What's more likely is that the quality of my life is going to dramatically improve in every way. I have to just keep my eye on the prize and try to block out the nerves.

What's also amazing is the level of support that I'm getting. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is so, so supportive. For instance, J, one of my poker buddies sent me an email saying he was going to send a card and flowers and that if I was up for it, he'd stop by and see me. I mean, we're friends, but really just through poker, and he's so supportive. Everyone is supporting me the same way - I know everyone's rooting for me and wishing me the best, and everyone let's me talk through it anytime I want. (Especially A, C, and S and my parents, of course - thanks guys!)

It's so much easier getting through this with that kind of support, friendship, and love. I don't have a significant other to really bond with over this, but I do have the most amazing support system anyone could ever ask for.

So look out, y'all. I am going to be FIERCE. I'm going to ride my bike all over town, I'm going to dance, I'm going to run, I'm going to be FREE of this weight. And I CAN. NOT. WAIT!

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Friday, March 14, 2008


*STILL WAITING for my surgery date. This is seriously nervewracking. All my paperwork is at insurance right now, and if they don't approve it, then months and months of doctor's appts, bloodwork, testing, etc, has all been a complete waste. The crappiest thing about this, though, is that I basically have to drop everything and go to the hospital when they tell me too (assuming that I get approved). I have to go in for pre-op testing (bloodwork, etc) and then a pre-op visit with my surgeon (who I sadly found out is a taken man - dang!), then the surgery of course. I expect that all of this will happen somewhere within the next two weeks. BUT I HATE THE WAITING!!!!!

*I recently purchased two new makeup items which I LOVE:

I heard all the hoopla about the magic of Bare Escentuals, and I finally bought into it. Considering it's just foundation, $60 was a little pricy. BUT, you get free shipping and free samples of other cool stuff when you buy it at Sephora.com. Here's what you get: 2 vials of foundation, 1 vial of "warmth" (which gives you definition), 1 vial of "mineral veil" (which gives you brightess), 3 brushes, a vitamin moisturizer, and an instructional DVD.

When I looked at the stuff, I thought there was NO WAY that this would give me adequate coverage. I gotta tell you, though, it looked great. I hate foundation because I can't put it on right and always get "ring around the face," but this was fool-proof and looked pretty fantastic. My only gripe is that they tell you you can use it as concealer too, but for gals like me who wake up with circles so dark that it looks like two black eyes, this doesn't make the grade as concealer. And that brings me to the next thing I bought:

This is Benefit's Boi-ing! Concealer...and I swear to you it is the nectar of the makeup Gods. I have never, ever found a concealer that works as well as this stuff does. It's like spackle for my undereyes! The description on sephora.com said: An industrial strength under eye concealer that eliminates darkness and imperfections without creasing or looking heavy. This stuff really works! Holy smokes, they weren't kidding. I adore this concealer.

*My dog Serena is FINALLY better...only $2000 to get her healthy after adopting her. The last trip to the vet was a "check-up" on her ear infection. I had paid over $100 for her medication that she took for two weeks, and the vet swabbed her ear and found all this gooey green stuff - which nearly made me lose my liquid diet shakes. She put her on MORE medication, did a culture, and $305 later sent us on our way. She looks like she's feeling much better now, but of course we have to do a final check-up to make sure. Thankfully, Julip's been keeping herself out of trouble so I don't have double financial duty with them. Having a dog is EXPENSIVE. Having two? Priceless.

*My girls A,C, and S are putting together a website devoted to us living life and living healthier! We're all approaching weight loss and health in a different way, and hoping to use the website as motivation and keep a record of all the things we want to accomplish. I'm just really excited about it. It's really easy to get swept up in the "let's go out to eat" thing for entertainment - because it's easy and social, but now we're going to focus on activities that get us outside, moving, and LIVING. I'll keep you posted on that when I finish the site!

*I've also been writing, writing, writing. Working on lots of original material. Some good, some awful. I've got this whole "comeback" thing planned for when I lose all of my weight. It involves a complete overhaul of my website, new photos (obviously) and a music video to promote the new show I'm writing. I'm really excited about getting onstage as a thinner gal - and just having a whole "new me" package. Of course, the "new me" won't be debuting until like 2009, but still...

That's about it. I'll let you all know when I FINALLY get the surgery date scheduled! Fingers crossed!

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Friday, March 07, 2008


Ok, I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I absolutely LOVE Paula Abdul's new song, and I love it even more after seeing her peform (read: dance) it live here:

If only it weren't ruined by the creepy Ryan Seacrest talking in the beginning. I just think she's cute as a button and this song is super-catchy...I totally dig it!

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Thursday, March 06, 2008


This morning I woke up with swollen glands, a really sore throat and a cough. At first I thought I had forgotten to put on my humidifier, but then quickly realized that I was getting sick. NOOOOOOOOOO! Not now! I CANNOT get sick before surgery or they'll push it back even more. So I did what I always do: grabbed the magic potion:

Now I don't know if it's a mental thing or what, but EVERY time I take this stuff, I avoid getting a flown blown sickness. I took this at 9:00 am today, and already I'm feeling better at 10:30. I swear, this is some voodoo magic spell or something, but my body totally reacts to it. I never end up getting sick when I take it.

You want the sickness hocus pocus too? Go on out and grab yourself some at your local pharmacy: Airbone Website. Keep them in business, because I don't ever want to have to go without this concoction!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


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Sunday, March 02, 2008


Just thought I'd check in with some updates. Nothing earth-shattering, just what's happening:

LIQUID DIET: I've lost 12.6 lbs in 9 days. I have 5 more days left before I check in with my dietician. I'd like to lose 1 more lb per day, but we'll see if my body cooperates. At any rate, I feel great despite being hungry. Have a lot more energy and happy to have my clothes fit a bit better.

DATE/CRUSHY BOY: No email, no phone call. Last I spoke to him was Wednesday and it's now Sunday. Sadly, I'm pretty sure that means it ain't happening. This is why I hate dating. I'm SO emotional that when I like someone, I get so hopeful and crushy and emotionally invested that when it doesn't happen, I just feel totally and completely crushed. I probably shouldn't have initiated anything considering how much other emotional stuff I'm dealing with because of the surgery, but what's life without taking chances? I told him how I feel, and I never regret doing that because at least I'm honest.

TV: Jen, I swear to God, I'm working on it. lol

YOUTUBE: I am in love with youtube. I know it's a bit narcissitic and self-indulgent, but I absolutely love being on there. It's connected me with so many other people who are going through what I'm going through, or have already gone through it. You don't realize how important it is to have that kind of support and understanding. My friends and family support and love me, but no one REALLY gets it like these total strangers who have become my friends on youtube. I'm really glad I made the decision to document my stuff there and get involved with that community.

That's really it for now. I check in with the dietician on Thursday, and from there I schedule the surgery, so I'll know pretty soon. My whole life is changing this month. Really overwhelming, but amazing.

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