Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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Sunday, October 29, 2006


If you're not doing anything at 3:00ish today, my group VOTE FOR PEDRO will be live on the radio doing an interview and a live performance. If you're in the Boston area, we'll be on 88.9 FM. If you're outside the Boston area, you can hear us live on their website: www.wers.org. If you happen to tune in, let me know you listened!

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Friday, October 27, 2006


I keep forgetting this is floating around the internet now. I found myself on YouTube and now on the composer's myspace page:

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Thursday, October 26, 2006


I used to go to a salon in Burlington and my guy was JM. JM was a kooky queen: obsessed with celebrities and gossip, but the absolute WORST DRESSED gay man I have ever met. Example: khahi's with hi-top, unlaced sneakers and an untucked polo shirt. Good lord.

JM found out I was a singer and then decided that he needed to give me all the ins and outs of the business because HE KNEW. He frequently told me that he was offered a record contract but he turned it down because they wanted a percentage of his writing and "Honey, I've got TONS of people who want my writing. I don't need their contract." Uh. Huh. Then he sang for me. Yikes. Bad.

I could deal with that. What I couldn't deal with was the fact that he rarely listened to me about what I wanted and then began making comments about my weight. The last time I was there, I told him I was thinking about going a bit shorter in a bob and he said, "No. You'll have to lose some weight first. Your face is too big." Ok, uh...how about you FUCK OFF?!? That was back in May and I haven't seen him since.

Needless to say, I haven't cut my hair since then. In fact, I've been trying to grow my hair back in from that last hack job he gave me. It's growing in nicely, albeit a bit unevenly, and I've recently come to grips with the fact that I need a new stylist. And preferably a place that does brows too - something I've never had done, but am sorely in need of.

So, when I was walking Julip around the block tonight, I realized this cute and trendy salon was RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR! I decided to check them out online and not only do they offer some very cool things, but they are CHEAP! Check them out by clicking on the photo below. I may even *gasp* get a PEDICURE!***

***Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE feet - and in particular, MY FEET. I don't like people looking at or touching them. But sweet jesus, they need some help!

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Friday, October 20, 2006



View this video montage created at One True Media
Tall, Dark, and Handsome

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I have never wanted a pink cupcake more.

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Monday, October 16, 2006


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Friday, October 13, 2006


I fully admit it. I am a Craigslist whore. When a single girl has to furnish an apartment and work the few dollars she has, Craigslist is a life-saver. I even got my tech support job on Craigslist. Anything you need, you can find there!

I just bought a new coffeetable yesterday from someone on Craigslist, and I love, love, love it! I got it for super-cheap, just like everything else in my apartment! But I gotta say, most of the stuff I got is quality - not crap. I'm so happy with it all:


This was being sold by a woman in Concord. She was originally selling it for $50, but I talked her down to $40.00 because I could pick it up immediately. It's EXACTLY what I wanted: a good sized, flat top table that would be convenient for board games and appetizers when friends are over. Plus, I just love the way it looks. It's a really nice-looking table.


When I was first moving in, I was frantic because I *really* needed couches and didn't have a lot to spend. I decided to just buy something cheap until I could buy a nice, new set in a few months. I'm not in love with these, but they're fine for now. Because I have Julip, leather is so much easier to clean and doesn't collect dog hair like fabric couches do. This was sold by a REALLY HOT GUY in Marblehead. I wanted to take him with the couches too.

FUNKY LAMPS (2) - $15

I didn't really NEED lamps, but my friend Michael has two cool lamps in his bedroom that I loved. I realized that I don't really think about detail furniture and decorations that much (I truly suck at interior decorating), so I just started poking around for lamps. I found this right in Lowell for $15, and I couldn't be happier with them. Not only do they look really cool, but they give off a soft, warm light that makes me happy when they're on in the evening.


I needed a kitchen cart for extra counter space and found this practically brand new cart in the free section! This was literally 5 mins from my house to pick up. The other item is a bread machine. I've been wanting one for a long time, but knew I wouldn't use it enough to be worth the price of buying it. When I saw this listed for free on Craigslist, I scooped it right up!

I've given away a bunch of stuff too, because I think I have better Craigslist karma if I give and receive. Plus, it saves me from having to lug my stuff to the trash!

I loves me some Craigslist. Now I'm off to place an ad for my dad's business! And maybe check out the free section....

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well, my loft is working out very nicely. I guess all that Feng Shui stuff works since my space is really motivating me to be creative,active and peaceful all at the same time. Just rub my belly and call me Budda, yo!


I know that you've ANXIOUSLY been awaiting the new installments of my painting. And yes, please note the dripping sarcasm there. Like it or not, here they come:


What can I say? It's way cheaper to paint something and hang it on my wall then to spend money that I'm trying to save. While I love the color scheme here, I'm not happy with this set at all. Save for the middle yellow photo - which was a big accident, but I kind of like! Since I have zero shame about my painting, I've just hung them up on the wall for everyone to see.


The name of this is actually a joke. I did this for my friend Kendra's birthday present. (Don't worry, I gave her a real present of a check in a card too!) A few years back, my friends Brian and Amy visited Kendra in Kansas City when she was living there. Brian joked that one night Kendra came out in full-out pink satin pajamas, and he said he thought he was having a "pink nightmare." It was all in good fun, and we still laugh about it.


I love, love, love my tech support job. I can't say that enough. I'm enjoying the work, and I'm making a good chunk of money to comfortably live off of and pay all my bills. I'm very thankful that I found this and that I'm FINALLY getting to a financial place that affords me some peace of mind.

The only drawback is that I feel myself slowly drifting away from music. I'm working a gazillion hours each week, and I feel like it's dominating my time (minus my painting time, of course). So, I decided to not only continue booking more gigs for the band, but to start a house concert-type series in my loft. And so, the 303 Loft Series was born:

I am hoping that I've put together a good idea here. The way I have it set up:

-Resident Artist: a resident of the Ayer Lofts gets their own set for 20 mins.
-Feature Artist: a professional act gets a 45 min feature set
-Open Mic: afterwards, the floor opens up to performers

I have yet to know if it will be successful or not, but I'm hoping that it will draw a nice community of people and allow me to keep connected with the music. You can also see a full listing on Sonicbids here: SONICBIDS 303 LOFT SERIES and also see the website at www.303loftseries.com.

If anyone has any useful suggestions to help make it run smoothly or draw a good crowd of people, I am ALL ears and would appreciate it!


Just weighed in tonight and lost 2.6 lbs. That brings my total to 9.2. I'm so focused on that fucking 10 LB BOOKMARK now. It's a stupid bookmark, but I WANT IT. And as I said to C tonight, I will get it next week if it kills me.

But I'm very happy that I'm sticking to this and feeling good and positive about my progress and my commitment to being healthier. Overall, I'm pretty darn happy right now. I feel like I'm working hard in a lot of areas to keep myself focused financially, creatively, and physically, and I'm damn proud of myself for that.

So I'm happy, but I'm also grateful. I'm grateful that I've been lucky enough to find opportunities and friends and experiences that keep me sane and grounded. And I'm thankful for Julip, who's a puppy - but my best pal. And I'm thankful that I'm still young and healthy enough to make this work.

Life is good. And now I must go to bed. And I'm happy and grateful that I can start work a little late tomorrow if I want to sleep in! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Last night, I went to my old-school poker game and hung with my boys from the early days of poker. These are the guys who taught me to play the game. Although they're always hysterical and fun, they're also hard-core and serious about the game. They play higher stakes than I like (last night was $2/$4 and I usually play $.50/$1.00 at home games) and they also play other games I'm not as strong on like Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Hi-Lo (I'm a Texas Hold Em girl). The buy-in was also high: $60.00. (Whenever I have a home game, it's a $20.00 buy-in.)

But no matter, because I tore it up! I worked those boys for every penny and they were PISSED and I was loving it! They underestimated me, and I used that to my advantage and by the end of the night, they had realized that I had just taken them all by playing smart, but acting like the clueless girl. It was a beautiful moment, I tell ya. I bought in for $60, and left with $210.00. In 5 hours (including a 30 minute break for dinner), I made a $150 profit. That's $30 an hour, folks. Whoo hoo!

I was proud of the fact that I was the only girl and walked away with all the money. Women can work the card table too, yo! I love me some pokah!!

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