Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's inevitable. I get bored, and then I move. You can now find me on my new blog here: http://divataunia.typepad.com/. Don't mind the mess, I'm still working out the design. Thanks!

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Monday, November 24, 2008


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


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Monday, November 03, 2008


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Sunday, October 26, 2008


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Friday, October 24, 2008


Do I still remember how to write/type? I can't even remember the last time I actually wrote something and didn't just post a video. (Yes, I could stop being so lazy and go back and look, but it's enough effort for me to just type this...so gimme a break, eh?)

Ok, so LOTS to update on....


First, a shout out to my Facebook pal Susy, who gave me a really nice award on her blog here: Shrinking Susy. She and her fabulous sister Barbara (A Phoenix Rising) friended me on Facebook and we've been WLS pals ever since. Plus, they both whoop my arse in Scrabble. lol Two really awesome gals - please check out their blogs!


My left kidney has been out of control. I was back in the hospital a couple weeks ago with another kidney infection and more stones. The whole thing is just a gigantic pain in the arse because NO ONE seems to know how to fix me. That's the first problem. The second problem is that everyone thinks I'm a junkie because I keep asking for more pain medication because, you know, I'M IN PAIN.

My stomach can't handle traditional painkillers like Advil or Excedrin because it causes me to be sick to my stomach and doesn't really stop the pain anyhow. The only thing that seems to work is liquid Roxicet. It's nice and cozy in my belly and removes all traces of pain. And it doesn't make me vomit, which is a super-plus. Now granted, this is a narcotic and they pretty much do everything short of strip search you to administer it, but IT WORKS. And I have to beg like a junkie to get it. It's pretty humiliating.

Right now, I have about a teaspoon left, and I've called every medical person I know to get more...because I KNOW there's going to be more pain, and no one will help me. It's frustrating, because it makes me resort to downing medication that I KNOW will make me sick, but I'll pretty much do anything to get rid of the pain - which is much like someone taking a samurai sword and shoving it into my abdomen.

The other issue is that I have a kidney infection that refuses to go away. No one seems to know why, except me. I have this theory: because I absorb things differently in my post-op tummy, the medication is not being absorbed and distributed the way it should. My theory is that I need to remain hooked up to an IV of the fluid antibiotic until it's gone. Of course, this is with my vast medical training and knowledge. But still, I think I'm right. Especially since all the doctors have been WRONG up until now.

So there you have it - fun with kidneys!


My poor baby just had ANOTHER surgery where all of her teeth needed to be removed. She had 25 teeth taken out and it breaks my heart. She had some periodontal disease where bacteria from her stomach was coming up and residing in her teeth, thereby causing bleeding ulcers all throughout her mouth. We tried lots of medications and waxes, etc, and nothing worked. The teeth had to go.

I went to pick her up yesterday and was handed a bill for $2400.00. I'm not joking: TWENTY-FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. TWO THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. I started to cry. If you saw the stack of unpaid medical bills on my desk from my own surgeries (one for $7000, which MUST be a mistake and reminds me I need to call those lunatics), you'd understand why.

Thankfully, my vet and the animal hospital totally rock. They know that I'm self-employed and they know that I've been in and out of the hospital, so they let me set up a payment plan of $500 a month until it's paid off. I hugged them both and thanked them for their kindness. I have a good track record with them (over $5000 has been paid to them in the last year - just from me), so they know me pretty well and know they can trust me. No credit run, nothing....just gave me a payment plan in good faith. Old school, and I love them for it.

MY LOVAH! (aka my new boyfriend)

What can I say about this man? Well, EVERYTHING. I totally adore him. He's everything that I wanted, but more importantly, everything I've needed. He's kind, considerate and thoughtful, HILARIOUS, and just an all-around wonderful person.

He's also not the type of guy I ever expected myself falling for. For a long time, I imposed these rules on myself: no dating divorced men or men with kids (most especially the last part as I have never wanted kids). But there was something that made me think that I should ignore those rules for him, and I'm so glad that I did because I found out that he's learned from his last marriage (and the dating he did since then) about what he wants/needs, and I also found out that he's an AMAZING father. He's so present in his kids lives, and cares deeply about them and raising them. But he's also present in MY life. And he cares deeply about me and this relationship. That's just who he is.

AND, I love his kids. Truly. And not just because they're HIS kids, but because they're GREAT kids. Huge personalities, lots of manners (proof of how they were raised), and really sweet and funny. And it suddenly struck me what an amazing opportunity this was for me: to have kids in my life and for me to be in theirs, skipping over the parts I don't want for myself (the screaming, the puking, the pooping and diapers, becoming the "soccer mom" stereotype, etc). I get to experience them and be part of their lives (obviously in a limited capacity) and maybe make a small impact on them in some way too. It's kind of amazing and I really view it as a gift.

But Rob - he just makes me happy. He treats me the way I should be treated. And he makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. He's affectionate, loyal, funny, and I trust him 100% - which is something that has been lacking from my previous relationship(s). He is completely supportive of my weight loss goals, but not in a way that makes me self-conscious. In fact, we've decided to live a healthier lifestyle together - which is exactly what I need from someone.

I'll just admit it...he makes me swoon. Even when he's parodying me, as seen below:

How much do I love his Boston accent? lol I heart him. :)

So that's it, peeps. A long-winded, fully typed blog entry which took entirely too much time to write. lol I'll type again in another 6 months. Peace out!

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