Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My left kidney hates me. This I know. Either that, or God does. One or the other because it's happening all over again.

For the past few days, I have been in tremendous pain with tremendous nausea, and a tremendous amount of vomiting. Lovely. Nothing says "healthy" like bending over the toilet every 10 mins barfing your brains out. Now I'm back on my chemotherapy nausea medication to try and keep it under control. Thankfully I can take pills now, so it's all a heck of a lot easier to manage this time around and I don't have to beg the doctors like a strung-out junkie for some liquid painkiller.

Now lest you think this has something to do with my gastric bypass surgery: wrong. I've had issues with this bitchy kidney since I got the Ecoli virus (yes, THAT was a good time) back in my late 20s and almost died*. The doctor told me then that I had some kidney damage and I'd likely be dealing with suck-ass** kidneys for the rest of my life. I suppose there's worse things I could be dealing with, but with this kind of pain, it's hard to imagine what.

And in the wake of all this, I'm getting bills for my summer surgeries that the insurance companies haven't covered. I just got a $7100*** bill from the hospital for my first kidney surgery this summer. I still have to call them and yell at them, but what the F was I supposed to do? My kidney was septic and if they hadn't operated, I would have DIED. I'm pretty sure my options were kind of limited there. Of course, if I had this $7100 bill in hand, I may have made another choice.

Now can we PLEASE have some serious discussion about socialized health care? Pretty please?!?!?

P.S. My kidney thanks you in advance.

*I was 27 and had I waited one more day to come in, I would have died. Not exactly the chipper kind of news you want to hear when lying on a table IN YOUR 20s trying to not go into the light.

**Not his words, but might as well have been.

***I shit you not.

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Oh Girlfriend, I'm sorry this 'recurrent' kidney issue is kicking yo' ass. [And the ensuing $$ responsibility... can you say $25 per mth payments?]

Know you're in my thoughts & prayers!!


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