Friday, June 27, 2008


Yesterday I met the man I am going to marry.

I had my pre-op appt at the hospital, and when my name was called, I looked up to find the most handsome and lovely man I have ever seen. He was the Resident and his face lit up with a big smile when I said hello. He shook my hand and introduced himself and I swear to you, it was love at first sight.

The funny thing is, he was SO cordial. He stopped and motioned for me to walk first through every doorway - very "datelike." It was really cute. He also seemed just slightly nervous to talk with me, and not in an "I'm just an awkward person" kind of way. It was more of a "I think she's cute and I'm nervous" kind of way.

He explained the procedure and I kept cracking jokes and making him laugh. After a little while, he did the flirty "touching the arm" thing when he was talking to me! I was thinking to myself "you are SO not supposed to be doing that, but I don't care!" lol He also asked me about my gastric bypass, and I told him I was down 75 lbs now. He then said, "Well, I have to tell you, you look great." Awwww, *SWOON*!

Then he dropped a bomb, "I'm going to be doing the surgery with Dr. B (the chief of surgery).





That means he's going to see my vagina before we ever go on a date! The surgery we decided on has them taking out the old stent I have now (thank GOD) and going up with a laser to destroy those little bastard stones. And of course, they have to go in through the vagina. Not a great way to start our romance, eh?

Anyhow, I decided that after the surgery is over I'm going to give him a little card and ask him out to dinner and give him my number. That's my usual way of approaching things....kind of fraidy-cat way of doing it, but at least I'll get an answer either way. :)

But mark my words, this is the man I am going to marry!

Posted by Taunia @ 9:57 AM

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I just had a great laugh!! DO IT!! Ask him! Of course he said you looked great, because you do!
:) Crystal

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:29 PM #

Oh My... I was reading this and laughed out loud, then had to explain to my husband.. You are too much Brian, thinks it's a great way to lead into a date!
Good luck! ~M~

Posted by Blogger SUGAMAMA'S CAFE' @ 1:10 PM #

I absolutely have to know how this turns out.

Even so -- didn't anyone ever tell you not to spread your legs on a first date? Handsome doctor or not! Sheesh...you hussy.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:39 AM #


I wish someone had given me that advice in my twenties.



Posted by Blogger Taunia @ 11:07 AM #

Hi Fabulous!

OMG!! You have to ask this homie G Doctor out!!"( I feel so street when I say Homie G) I say we start planning a June wedding! yes june...ive decided! lol

luv ya

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 4:39 PM #
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