Monday, May 19, 2008


More specifically, left kidney.

Ok, here's the scoop: last week, I started feeling not so great. I lost my appetite completely, and was having trouble just drinking water. I thought I had done something to my stomach and messed up the surgery - so I started freaking out. On Friday, when I could barely get water down in the morning, I knew it was time to go to the ER.

I got there, they took all my info, and ended up admitting me until last night. Turns out, it wasn't my stomach at all, but my left kidney. Apparently, I had a raging UTI (AGAIN) and also a ginormous kidney stone blocking the entrance/exit to my kidney, thereby trapping the infection inside. There's several large kidney stones and many smaller ones as well. My kidney is not in good shape.

The doctor told me that it was good that I went in when I did, or I could have easily developed septic shock and died. That's how serious the blockage was - yikes! The pain from that was what was making me naseous and unable to keep anything down. And the solution for this type of situation? Surgery. CRIPES.

In fact, I have to get TWO surgeries. Yesterday, they inserted a stent into my kidney so that it could drain the infection and any trapped urine (pretty!) in my kidney. The downside? I have horrible pain and urgency to pee at all times now, and still can't really eat or drink.

The second surgery happens in about a month. They will go in from my back and into the kidney and remove all the stones. They said trying to break them down so that my body could pass them would be too taxing on my system, so surgery is the only option. The stent I have will keep me from getting too sick in the meantime.

I got to go home last night and have been vomiting ever since. Yay.

I'll do an update when I'm on the mend and not feeling so craptastic like I do right now.

F-in' kidney.

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Posted by Taunia @ 9:17 AM

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Oh GIRL! I am soooo sorry that you've got to go thru this. I'm just glad you went to the ER when you did!!

You feel like 'crap' but you're gonna get this taken care of soon. It's you're year to get healthy, sometimes we don't plan on having a COMPLETE OVERHAUL!

You're in my thoughts and prayers. Please update when you can ;)

Posted by Blogger GF @ 9:56 AM #

Oh my! I hope you feel better soon! Please keep us updated as soon as you feel better.

Posted by Blogger AJ @ 3:56 PM #

Awww, and here I thought you were just luxuriating at home... Soon, I'm sure! Sending lots of love and well wishes, Miss. You're gonna be burnin' up the world again before you know it!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 4:38 PM #

holy crap taunia - or should i say holy pee!!!

are you ok now?
anything i can do fer ya?

non-kidney pressuring hugs,

Posted by Blogger susan karim @ 6:41 PM #

I'm so sorry to hear about your visit to the hospital. I'll be thinking of you and looking forward to you feeling better.

Posted by Blogger Susy @ 7:37 AM #

Hey there girlie!

I'm so sorry that you are feeling so badly and also very happy that you went to the Dr when you did!

I hope that you feel better soon. Definitely let me know if you need help with anything.


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:53 AM #
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