Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So I have a bunch of personals online, and I was very upfront and mentioned my surgery right away so I could avoid the awkwardness of it later. Anyhow, I just got this today:

Hi my name is XX, and you are very beautiful, just wanted to say im not a big fan of gastric bypass, my cousin had gastric bypass years ago and has had nothing but problems to this day, she will never be the same, she can't even get out of bed. she was 400 lbs, hope for things go better for you then her. XX.

Uh, what the hell?? Does he think that this is going to make me swoon? Nothing like being the grim reaper of death for a total stranger, huh? Way to court the ladies!

Posted by Taunia @ 5:20 AM

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Well, I am going to try to be diplomatic, but you know boys can be umm, well lets just say dense sometimes. Forgive them they are working with limited capacity. ;)But I agree with you, this one is not a keeper.

Posted by Blogger AJ @ 5:20 AM #

Keeper? Maybe KEEPER of the Gates of HELL.

Obviously, very positive and upbeat. Way to 'spin' into a woman's heart, right??

Makes me wonder why such a smooooooooth talker is still on the market. ;)

Posted by Blogger GF @ 9:22 AM #

"KEEPER of the Gates of HELL."

HA! That made me LOL for real!

Posted by Blogger Unknown @ 6:55 AM #

While XX does need some work in the small talk department and could certainly use some help with his delivery at least he had the "intestinal fortitude" to drop you a line so that should count for some thing. Also, speaking as a life long male I will share this with you "gals"...you female types yes you with the XX chromosomes..are very hard almost impossible to please. It says something to the joy of just being in the same room as you that we even try. Of course it could be the sex...yes now that I think about it, its mostly the sex, but hey give us guys credit for at least trying.

Posted by Blogger royhinkleyphd @ 3:13 AM #
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