Wednesday, March 29, 2006


A whole big bunch of shit hits the fan at once, and it's just way too overwhelming. I know that's vague and inauspicious, but that's what it is. And no, it's not Bob. Things with Bob are really, really good. It's the rest of life that's totally fucked up right now.

To top it off, I've got a king-size head-cold, so that combined with everything else is just making me a big cry-baby. I hate feeling overwhelmed and sad. Gah.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Last night was the Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes. We came in second place, but more importantly, won the AUDIENCE FAVORITE vote!

I was dissappointed that we didn't win the competition and the trip to California, but what was reassuring was the staggering number of people who came up to us afterwards and said, "you guys were ROBBED!" Even the other competing groups came up to us several times before the end of the show and told us that we had it in the bag. When they announced Audience Favorite, the crowd went nuts and that was good enough for me.

We sold a TON of pre-order CDS and I think we may have used up all of the pages in our mailing list book! The prize we won was 300 discs pressed at Discmakers, and since our CD is coming out next month, that works out great!** All-in-all, it was a great night, and confirmation that we're making great music. Who knows? Maybe we'll win next year!

**For anyone who knows the Sweeps competition, 2nd place ususally gets Shure mics. There was some sort of screw-up and they didn't get them, so we got the discmakers CD pressing. That's actually better for us since we already have mics. :)

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Thursday, March 23, 2006


FILED UNDER: Things I never, EVER want to see again.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Sometimes there's people in your life that you KNOW were placed there for a reason. I really think Shah and Ben are two people who are meant to be in my life. We had a great weekend, and I know much of it had to do with the company I kept.

We arrived in Oswego, NY on Friday after a 6 hour drive. The ride wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, and was especially fun because of those two clowns. Even if we're irritated with each other, it always comes out in a way that makes us all laugh and the problem is fixed. I think that it's rare for people to be able to communicate and laugh at and with each other the way we do, so I'm thankful that we have that between us.

I'm also happy to report that Oswego is not an iceburg. There was a little snow, but mostly it was a sleepy little town. Our $45 a night hotel rooms were not swank at ALL. Liveable, but barely. We definitely got what we paid for. The first night there, we all hung in the boys room (I had my own room!), got beer and chinese food takeout, and watch both "Rush Hour" movies.

On Saturday, we headed over for our soundcheck and noon-time performance. Wes Sat in with us, and we had about 15 minutes to go over the new arrangements with him. He's so good, though, that it all gelled and we had a great performance. I also mentioned to Wes that sometimes I just want to touch his chest. He laughed and thanked me, but did not allow me to touch his chest. Oh well.

After that, dinner at Ruby Tuesday where we all ate WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. I was a big, fat gluttonous pig all weekend long. We all took naps after dinner and the boys barely woke up in time for the show!

The evening show ROCKED. They were a really great audience to being with, but they were incredibly enthusiastic about our set - which is the same set we'll be using for Sweeps - so that gave us some positive reinforcement. Even one man/part down (Dan couldn't make it), we gave a good show!

Saturday night afterglow part went til about 2:30 am, and we drank and made merry and danced to a cappella music. That definitely confirms my status as a geek. Sunday we were on a panel for a "Composers Forum" and talked about writing.

Overall, a fun weekend. There are lots of things I'd change about the summit and the educational aspects of it, but I can't say much if I don't bother to help, I suppose. I am glad it happens, though.


Monday, I had to report to Jury Duty at 8:30am. I know it's my civic duty and all, but what a FUCKING WASTE OF TIME! I was in a small room with about 35 people that was too hot and too boring. I kid you not when I tell you that we waited in there with the door closed (they don't want you hearing anything about any trials) for SIX HOURS. At 2:30, the judge came in and told us that there was a computer glitch and they couldn't assign juror numbers to us and therefore couldn't assign us to a trial - so we had to go home. I was both happy and pissed. Happy to get out of that room, but pissed that my time was wasted.


The Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes competition is this Saturday. Eight groups compete to win an all-expense paid trip to California to compete in the Nationals. Back in 2003, Shah and I won when we were in AAB. It would be VERY cool to win again, but there's some serious competition this year. There's an EXTREMELY talented group called 5-Alone that does similar music to what we're doing. Also, there's a group named Traces that won the NY regionals last year competing in Boston this year. We're also on first, but we've come to be comfortable with that slot.

All I know is that I'm really proud of how much we've worked and the new songs we've written and arranged. We're opening with a new original that we just finished writing and arranging called "Just Like Birdland", a new arrangement of Gershwin's "Summertime," and an original of mine called "Gay Boyfriend." I'm hoping that the original music gives us a few extra points.

In any case, if you're in the Boston area and want to go, just click on the link above for more info.

Sorry this entry was so boring. I'm still tired from the weekend, and I'm fighting a cold with heavy doses of Airbourne. I'll try to bring on the funny in the next entry. For now, Taunia - out.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Tomorrow we're on the road. Gah. We're going to beautiful and scenic, Oswego, NY. WHY would I go to Oswego, NY?? The East Coast A Cappella Summit, that's why! Try to contain your excitement. The East Coast Summit could easily be named the GEEK SUMMIT, and you and I both know that. We also both know that I am a 34 yr old, a cappella singing GEEK, hence my attendance and performance there. Maybe I'll play parcheesi and do some math equations while there too. You know, just for good measure.

Mapquest says it's a 5 hour and 40 min trip from my house. In band time, that means more like 8 hours. We always stop for food, and have to make many a pee stop for me, because I'm old with a small bladder and a love for water. I am so NOT looking forward to this drive, but luckily I'll have both my laptop and my cool portable DVD player with me! I also got a new IPOD for my birthday which I should definitely load up with with some good road trip music. I am all new-millenium techno, yo. Ok, see above GEEK reference.

So, I did a search for a photo of Oswego and found this:

You know what's NOT comforting before leaving on a long-ass roadtrip? Seeing a photo of the town you're driving to, and having said town look just like a giant iceburg, that's what. Hell, there's probably PEOPLE buried under there!

My only respite is knowing that we'll likely be stopping at Denny's, where I will indulge in my favorite SUPERBIRD sandwich. I even love the name of it. Well, that and the fact that I have wisely chosen to get my own hotel room this time. I'll be sleeping alone and snoring loudly with no one to make fun of me. So there!

Despite all my bitching, I'm sure it's going to be a fun weekend. I just hate the DRIVE. By this time tomorrow, I'll be having cocktails in the lounge with a bunch of other a cappella geeks. So y'all have a great weekend....talkatcha next week!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I forgot to mention my friend Brian in the karaoke-whore roundup!


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Monday, March 13, 2006


I have a new addiction, and I am ashamed. It's karaoke, and I can't get enough:

I'm on there singing shit that I would never be caught dead singing in public: Mariah Carey! Mr. Mister! Doris Day! It's amazing what kind of cheesiness anonymity allows you. I also love the kitchiness of the site: the graphics they have displayed while you're singing are TERRIBLE. There's a giant EEL that shows up half the time. What the HELL is that about???

One of the things I love about it, though, is that my students have recorded a few things and gotten some great feedback from people. It's a decent way to introduce them to recording (albeit, low-quality) and let them get some feedback from someone other than me. You'll also hear Shah on one of my tracks, my sister Megan, my neice Litah, hell...anyone who wanted to step up to the mic!

The other thing that I like about the site is that all of the jazz-standard tunes I wanted to sing are in a key that's out of the norm for me. Because of that, it's been forcing me to use the higher part of my range that I've been ignoring for so long. I've got a fairly large range, and for a long time I've only really been utilizing the lower end of it. It's kind of nice to experiment for fun and work with my voice in a MUCH different way.

I've also gotten some other people to sign up! Check out my peeps:


And someone else who's a kick-ass singer:


I know you'll want to try it too. Don't be embarassed. Embrace the cheesy karaoke. EMBRACE THE KARAOKE WHORE IN YOU!

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Monday, March 06, 2006


Well, the time has finally come. I bleached my hair one too many times, and now have a lot of hair that has just broken off. The only way (short of getting a buzz cut) to get my hair back to healthy is to color it dark brown and let it grow back natural and healthy. So, the brown is here. And I hate it.

It took everything I had to color my hair dark. And this is even a little lighter than my natural color. It's shocking. My skin is so pale that it's almost BLUE, and my hair just emphasizes that. Gah. Who has blue skin!?!?! OLD PEOPLE, that's who!!!

But people, don't get used to this. As soon as I get some healthy length on my hair, I am at the salon getting a whole lotta blonde foiled into my head.

I WILL be a blonde, dammit! But not right now. Now I need to go get in my mini-van and take the kids to soccer practice.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006



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